Balanced Eating

Proper eating habits help our body to work better and maintain a normal weight

Balanced Eating
15/01/2015 | 15:06
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Healthy eating habits are based on simple ideas and common sense: equilibrium, variety and moderation. JUMBO would like to offer you a few tips for a balanced diet.

Eat fruits and vegetables every day 
They play a key role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. The protective effect of fruits and vegetables seems to be related to the action of the antioxidants they contain, such as vitamin C or carotene, as well as to the presence of other vitamins and trace elements and their rich fibre content. While 10 a day in any form (raw, cooked, juice, soup) is recommended, not actually reaching this amount is not bad for your health.

Don't forget cereals
Rice, pasta, semolina… a source of complex glucides, vitamin B, minerals and fibre, they provide us with the energy that we need on a daily basis. And, as variety is the spice of life, don't forget dry pulses: lentils, beans, chickpeas…

Rediscover fish and shellfish or seafood 
A little less meat and a little more fish… These are the recommendations that should be followed to strike the right lipid balance. If eaten two to three times a week, these sea products will provide essential fatty acids. 

Eat milk products 
Milk, cheese or milk-derived products with every meal or as a pick-me-up will also cover your daily calcium needs. And it is one way of building and maintaining optimal bone mass. 

Give preference to vegetable fats and oils
Consume only what you need, and go particularly for vegetable oils, so as, on the one hand, to limit lipid intake and on the other boost the supply of unsaturated fatty acids, which contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Products with sugar and alcohol should be consumed in moderation
Never binge on them. Products with sugar and alcohol are very bad for you if you indulge. Moderation is the name of the game!

Water should be your main drink 
Water is the only drink our body cannot do without. So drink it in abundance, about a litre and a half a day. Still, fizzy water, spring water, natural mineral water… try them all.

Physical activity is an excellent ally that will help you to achieve nutritional equilibrium 
Nothing can be better than a bit of sport to stay in shape, keep your figure nice and trim and shake off negative stress. Walking, swimming, dancing, cycling or judo, there is something for everybody. Do it constantly and regularly.

In harmony with the pleasures of fine food
Take care of yourself and enjoy yourself, that is the happy medium. “ Balance” can be synonymous of “Pleasure” and “Socialise”, three words to keep in mind!

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